William James Caulfield


Santa Monica, CA

After a 2+ year stint in Chicago co-founding a commercial photography studio and helping a number of companies with marketing strategy and digital design, I've recently moved to Santa Monica in search of new challenges and opportunities.

I have worked on great projects, in fields such as real estate, production, healthcare, and with various roles; from strategy, management, web dev, to publishing, print, and branding.

My intent is always for products to be inspired by data, evidence-based and user centered – keeping the person at the heart of the process, while meeting clients’ organizational and business needs.

I am interested in systems-level-change and how it is catalyzed by digital tools with real world effects. I am an advocate of inclusive, accessible management; always aiming to provide the best possible experience everyone. I love all things digital, innovative, wellness, and meditative.

If you have an interesting project in the works and are in need of a marketing manager or designer, I'd be excited to hear all about it. Please reach out and say 'Hello'!