Chicago Daylight Studio

A state-of-the-art photo, video, and events studio located in the West Loop, offering production facilities and services for commercial and editorial photography, videography, and corporate off-sites.

In partnership with a local photographer, I executed the vision, marketing, business developement, and vigorous entrepreneurship required to established CDS as a premier location for Chicago's international photographic productions.


I independently coordinated all aspects of business development to launch a full service photo studio, commercial kitchen and equipment rental.

Website Design

A site with minimal demands requires focus on speed, architecture, and zero bloated code. Easy UI, solid SEO, and built for content marketing and fast conversion.

Administrative Architcture

A relational management data system was designed to better accommodate clients, prospects, and bookings, cross referencing with financial reports.

We started using SQL to originate the system, and later decided GSuite tools proved a more suitable fit for business needs.


We conducted a comprehensive investigation looking at industry standards, surveying stakeholders, and carrying out competitor analysis. The results led us to build from existing logo to define brand architecture and a suite of customer-facing materials.


We prototyped with a set of wireframes when deciding on content placement, in-page information architecture and pattern functionality.

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