Margaret Biggs Fine Art

American oil painter Margaret Biggs, creates landscapes, seascapes, still life, and holistic pieces that communicate the meaning and inspiration she feels in the natural world. Often bordering between the elements of abstraction and realism, her work has been described as both modern and surrealistic.

Brought on as a marketing manager and designer, I expanded into the role of Business Manager, leading the drive to research and define her business strategy, and build and implement all roadmaps, automated tools and workflows.

Online Identity

Taking from fine art galleriest aesthetics and in depth competitive analysis, we established a strict, minimal brand suitable for print & digital applications.

A Responsive Website was built to act as the central hub for her digital presence.

Page Templates

Primary page design with replicable elements; Contact Section

Sales Pipeline

After researching features and flexibility of various platforms, we selected and integrated CRM into her digital workflow, carefully considering CTA UX and conversion & marketing compatibility.

Marketing Strategy

Based on the current industry trends and market research, a Marketing Strategy consisting of a ad directed landing pages and CTA trigger automated drip campaigns built customer base and grow commission, original, and print sales.

Print & Publishing

Printed materials were often required for local campaigns and gallery exhibitits. The MBFA identity was consistent regardless the medium.

Using InDesign we designed and published her second book, a collection of Paintings & Poetry

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